Banner stands attract booth visitors

Banner stands attract booth visitors

Trade shows remain a staple in customer attraction strategies. If you participate in trade shows regularly, you know that your purpose for being there is to draw visitors into your booth.Being visible is incredibly important, especially if you have a small exhibit space, or you’re working a large show.When prospective customers don’t see you, or don’t connect your booth with their needs, they pass by. Adding display fixtures like retractable banner stands can help your booth stand out.

Bright, attractive graphics can change the look and feel of your booth. Better still, they can immediately connect attendees with your product or service. When your attendees know what you offer, they can better assess the way your products or services fit their needs.Use banner stands to display photographs, graphics, branding information or impactful facts about your business. You can also create attention-getters that enable your booth staff to open a conversation.

When floor space is at a premium, you can go with a retractable, tabletop banner stand. Using the same bright graphics, a tabletop stand can effectively attract customers without taking up precious tradeshow booth workspace. You can also add lighting to your banner stands to help your graphics stand out on a busy trade show floor.

If you’re looking for creative effective ways to use banner stands in your booth, here are a few tips. Keep these in mind to increase the impact of your graphics.

Focus on the customer’s needs

It’s easy to focus on what you want to say, and overlook what the attendees want to see and hear. When your trade show booth focuses on the customer’s needs, you’ll naturally generate more traffic. Understanding what your customers are looking for is only half the battle.You also need to know why they’re looking for a solution. When you know the story behind their needs, you can position your business as being responsive to their needs.

Include your branding

Including your branding is essential because people won’t reliably remember the name of your company. (Sorry!) Branding serves as a visual guide to bring your prospects back to your booth and your brand.People will remember colors and symbols better than they’ll remember names and faces. And in the trade show environment, prospective vendors are everywhere. Attendees can easily confuse similar-sounding names or vendors with similar products and services. Do not skip your branding!

Moderate your graphics

The best banners are memorable because they’re simple. In the trade show environment, you’re competing with your direct competitors, but you’re also competing with unrelated businesses.You don’t usually compete for immediate sales; instead, you’re competing for attention.When you want prospects to remember you, simple is always better.If you want to include a lot of information, consider using multiple banner stands with one message per stand. Save the heavier sales information for your brochures, catalogs and one-on-one discussions.

Choose your images carefully

You know what a trade show floor looks, sounds and feels like. To promote the best overall visuals, coordinate your brand colors with your images and your images with your brand message.Providing a coherent, appealing overall environment can help you attract booth traffic. In addition, use your graphic space wisely. Putting too much information into a graphic, or using a photo that’s too “busy” can actually drive traffic away.

Be selective in how you use your banner stands

Banner stands can fill out a larger booth, but you don’t have to use everything you have at each show. Say you normally exhibit in a 10’x 10′ space, but you’ve contracted a 10’x20′ for the year’s biggest show.You can use banner stands with attractive graphics to fill in the larger booth space. You can position your staff near each stand to help improve visitor engagement and promote booth traffic. When you’re working with your smaller footprint, you can use only the banner stands that generate the biggest impact.

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Photo Credit:ThinkGeoEnergy, via Flickr